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How to Measure your Website’s Success

Measure website success
‘How do I measure my website’s success?’, It’s a bit like saying, ‘how long is a piece of string?’. But if you define your website’s goals from the outset, measuring its success becomes a lot easier. Define your Goals Every website has a different purpose; be it to sell your products or services online, inform or entertain your users,...

What exactly is SPAM?

stop spam emails
No, we’re not talking about America’s favourite tinned meat. The other kind of spam is defined as: unsolicited or irrelevant messages sent over the internet, typically to large numbers of users, for the purposes of advertising, phishing and spreading malware. Electronic spamming, most widely recognised as email spamming also refers to IM spam, SMS spam, Social Media spam and...

When a One Page Website can Work for your Business

one page websites
One page websites are definitely a growing trend; so let’s jump on the continual scrolling website bandwagon and find out why they’re so popular. They work best for companies that offer a single product or service (e.g. Apps or photographers portfolio), for information about an upcoming product or event (e.g. new movie release or promotion), or a small business...

The Importance of Building a Website for Ranking

Website Ranking
People go online to get information about anything and everything these days. Some people would even rather Google an answer to a question than ask another human being. This means that your clients, customers, associates and business partners use the internet to get information about you, your business, and your products and services. If you don’t have an online...

The Value of a Great Project Scope

project scope
Scopes are used in almost all industries, but today we’ll discuss the development of a good Website Development Quote and Scoping Document. New year, new website! Now that it’s 2016, you might be considering sprucing up your company website to better fit with new company goals, to add additional functionality, or to update to a sleek, modern mobile friendly...