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Cloud Computing and Online Software Tools

In recent years the tool of ‘cloud computing’ has become very popular. Cloud computing is designed so that any resource or information stored may be easily accessed from any location in a matter of minutes. Cloud computing allows businesses to send documents and files, and can also allow companies to access emails on-the-go. How does … Show more

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Online Database Systems: A Growing Trend

Most, if not all of you would be familiar with the concept of a database: a structured set of data that is held in a computer. An electronic filing cabinet, if you will. There are now over a million databases in use, which collect all sorts of information for businesses, organisations, charities, governments and individuals. … Show more

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The 5 Steps You Must Follow to Create Genius Content

We all want to be creative geniuses, especially in this day and age where our online audiences are not only craving, but are expecting quality content that is engaging, entertaining and/or educational, quality, engaging, entertaining and/or educational content. The concept of great content has been around for a while, and we’re all very familiar with it – … Show more

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Tips For Writing Quality Content For Your Website

Google and Bing have repeatedly emphasised the influence that unique and quality content can have on website rankings. The big search engines understand that people search the net to try and find the most relevant information to their queries, therefore quality content is highly valued. It is an essential element for any website to be … Show more

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How To Promote Your Blog Through Facebook

You may be thinking about starting a business blog. The idea of it is easy enough: post lots of informative content that appeals to your target market, is practical and beneficial to the reader, and will help you establish credibility with your customer base and become an authority in your industry. Simple! Alright, perhaps not … Show more

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Using Social Media For Professional Marketing

Social media networks are used by millions of people around the world. Everyone is posting, tweeting, hashtagging and the like. So it makes sense that businesses would want to grab a bit of the action as well. As social networking becomes more and more popular right around the world, countless businesses have benefited by promoting … Show more

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