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Changes to Google are coming, is your site SSL friendly?

As of October 2017, Google and other browsers are going to clearly alert users if they are on a secure (SSL) or insecure (non SSL) website. As you may have already noticed, browsers have already started displaying more clearly whether a site has an SSL (secure) or not (insecure).       I haven’t needed … Show more

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Guest Post: How to Nail Your Website Redesign Brief

Please enjoy Neil Dywer’s 2nd guest post for Fireworks. Neil is a director at Corporate Momentum, a valued and long term partner of Fireworks Websites. So you’ve had your current website for 3 years, and it’s starting to look a little old in relation to your competitors. Time to redevelop it. But how do you … Show more

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Case Study: Equipment Finance Solutions

In September 2015, Fireworks Websites got the opportunity to work with a great new Brisbane based start-up, Equipment Finance Solutions. What started out as a fast turn-around project has turned into a great business relationship with Samuel McCarthy and the Dirigo Group. A bit about Equipment Finance Solutions: Equipment Finance Solutions is a Brisbane based … Show more

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Fonts – The most overlooked design staple

Wait! What is a font you ask? And why is it so important in design? The words ‘font’ and ‘typeface’ are often confused when talking about website design, so think of it like this, the difference between a font and a typeface is just the same as songs on an album. The songs are the … Show more

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What to do if your website fails the Mobile Friendly test

As most people know, Google shook up its Algorithm by releasing a Mobile Friendly update on 21st April this year, affectionately labelled as ‘Mobilegeddon’. This update was set to be the biggest update since Google’s Penguin update, however didn’t cause as big a wave as expected. This means that you still have time to update … Show more

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The Google Apps you need to use now!

Since Google’s inception in September 1998, it’s been forever growing and improving its product and service offerings and is definitely not just a search engine. As a search engine, Google still holds the top spot with over 70% market share (June 2015, So it make sense that they’re a trusted source to use for … Show more